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Monday, September 14, 2009

It's finally here. The season three premiere of Gossip Girl is tonight! I am, obviously, in love with this show. If you aren't, well, I will probably never understand why, though I'll love you anyhow.

With our favorite Upper East Siders going off to college this season, there is bound to be even more drama. With Hilary Duff and other famous faces making appearances, I'm sure we can expect some interesting story lines.

Here are some fabulous looks from the first two seasons...

Can you remember our first look at Serena van der Woodsen? She was spotted getting off the train to return to a life she left behind. But what was she wearing? A Petit Bateau striped top paired with a Duarte Michelle jacket, and Robert Clergerie boots.

And of course there's Blair. She's been through a lot during two seasons, but still manages to remain classy through her clothes. While enjoying her lunch break on a school day, B wears a cropped trench by Rag & Bone, a long-sleeve red shirt, red tights, a red and white Foley + Corinna tote, and Tory Burch flats. Too much red? Not for Miss Waldorf.

Ah, Blair and Serena, what a perfect pair of besties. And of course, both ladies look beautiful in their Lorick dresses. (For the show's purpose these dresses were part of Eleanor Waldorf's line.)

Blair must look great at all times, even while at home. Love the polka dot bottoms, B!

Miss Waldorf's sleepover soirees are always extravagant. She pairs a ruffled blue number with tights and a Phillip Lim headband. Little Jenny Humphrey arrived to the party wearing a t-shirt, a cropped houndstooth cardigan, and jeans.

Speaking of Little J, her style has evolved quite a bit over the first two seasons. She wears a cute and flirty dress while attending a party.

Jenny toughens up a glitzy dress with a black leather jacket and black tights.

Yellow is always a gorgeous color. Serena wears a yellow Elie Tahari trench and carries a Marc Jacobs bag.

Blair wears her yellow coat with a Valentino blouse, orange tights, and a Brooks Brothers bag.

These ladies are still proving that it's fun to wear colored coats. Vanessa Abrams wears an orange jacket and a printed scarf.

Georgina Sparks has a lovely pairing with her coat and handbag. She's even sporting a headband!

Jenny and Blair wear pretty floral dresses. Looks like these ladies were thinking of flowers while getting dressed!

The always colorful Blair appears to be loving yellow. She wears a Milly cardigan and a David Szeto blouse. As for accessories? A Jennifer Behr headwrap, a Stuart Weitzman bag, and Pour La Victoire pumps. Jenny sticks with neutrals of black and white, however, she looks just as stylish.

As B and S prove, adding a pop of color with a handbag is a great way to spice up an outfit. While out with Nate, Blair wears a Betsey Johnson coat and carries a Nancy Gonzalez bag.

Serena is in her school uniform consisting of a skirt and tie by French Toast. She carries a Nuti bag.
How about you?
Are you a Gossip Girl fan?

Photos courtesy of Star Style and Gossip Girl Insider


Leah said...

I love Gossip Girl... I know I'm too old to love this show but I adore the outfits worn by the cast.

SUGAR said...

im a huuuuuuuuge fan of gossip girl style, this post is beyond amazing!! i love serena's laid back kate moss-ish kinda look and although i would never be able to pull it off, i love blair's crazy obsessive colour matching!! jenny rocks my socks ;)

love the blog!!


janettaylor said...

Love it love it! :-) Who are your fave person/character from GG? I'm curious. LOL! :-)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Am I a Gossip Girl fan? Hush! I bow down to Gossip Girl. People are not allowed anywhere near me when I watch it; my full attention must be on the show! :)

FabBlab said...

Um. Team S. ALL THE WAY.
Dude, I used to write for the site bc I couldn't control my excitement. I swear.

Chic and Charming said...

Blair's crazy sleepover outfit is TO DIE FOR.

Couture Carrie said...

Hi darling!
Love this GG fashion flashback!
I am a huge fan, and I can't weait for tonight's premiere!
Fab post :)


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I wish I was a Gossip Girl fan! The show has my name written all over it. But GG comes on when I work nights and I'm too poor to afford Tivo. Lame. I need to start getting the DVDs!

Sherin said...

I'm a HUGE Gossip Girl fan. I really can't wait for the 3rd season. Unfortunately, England always gets it like a month after you guys.

georgiexoxo said...

Yeah Sherin I'm from the UK too and hate getting stuff so late but the fashion is just love. I can't wait!

Dina's Days said...

Man everyone watches this show but me. I can't remember the last time I turned the TV on, but I need to check the show out, if anything for the outfits! Hot dog these ladies look FANTASTIC!

Lesley said...

YES YES YES!!! Who doesn't love their style?!

Elaine said...

I actually don't like GG but I love the fashion in it. So I am drawn in again.... :)

Viva La Fashion said...

i <3 gossip girl! i'm watching it right now! :)

Kristin said...

I JUST started watching it and I can't believe what I was missing out on...namely the wardrobe. Ah ha

Tara said...

I love Gossip Girl, but like I said, I'm usually in school when it airs so I don't really get to see it. I do watch it whenever I have a night off though (I was watching reruns all summer).

Anyway, the fashion on the show is awesome! Gossip Girl is definitely the next Sex and the City as far as the wardrobe goes (another great show with amazing fashion!).

My favorite thing about the fashion has to be the headbands the girls are always rocking (especially Blair's headbands). I think Serena has the best wardrobe overall though and is probably the closet to my style.

Kim said...

Ok, yesterday was the first time I had seen part of an episode of Gossip Girl. I can't say I'll ever watch it for the content, but I absolutely loved the clothes! I'm going to have to do some past season research on the outfits. They are amazingly well put together. Who is the stylist of the show?

Jessica said...

I watch Gossip Girl, but it's my mom who's the big fan in the family:)

Patty Ann said...

i've been thinking about red tights ever since gg came out!! but i cant find them anywhere!! who's your favorite character?


B. said...

i love this show! and i swear, there wardrobe is my favourite character! i love jenny's style the most i think. great round up of pictures little red!

gleenn said...

nice collections and nice flashbacks. love all the glamour.

P.S> Let's exchange links. I added you to my blogroll. Please link me back. thanks :)

Christine said...

This is the best post in the world. I love Gossip Girl with a passsion! But I missed out on last night's episode due to a huge test I had to study for :T

Petite Esth├Ęte said...

OMG gossip girl!! haha you should have seen me yesterday, i was literally counting down the seconds till the episode started! so good :)


Dani said...

i had to work last night & i missed it! i was so bummed! how were the clothes? fabulous?


Lilee said...

yay! gossip girl is great!

Carrie said...

Hi Little Red,

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Really means a lot to me :) As for Gossip Girls... I love it!!! I've really big into tv shows, but for the past year, I've hardly watch any tv and I don't have a tv right now. I should rent season 2 cause I missed all of it. I hope season 3 is good and you enjoy watching it. And the fashion.... AMAZING!!! I love all their style. So fabulous.

Great post, Red.


Miss Neira said...

I so never got into this show, i barely even watch tv! but I always see Blair online, and i love her outfits, so i rather just look at pictures than watch the show haha

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