365 Photo Project: #41-51

Monday, February 20, 2012

Friday, February 10th - The Bath & Body Works Scentportable my mom gave me for my car. An adorable penguin with the Carribean Escape scent. (I also have a cupcake with the Frosted Cupcake scent!)

Saturday, February 11th - Sometimes a relaxing Saturday calls for a little Wii.

Sunday, February 12th - I had an entire dresser drawer full of greeting cards dating back to when I was little. My mom insists I keep things like this, but to free up my dresser drawer, I put them in this pretty Diane von Furstenberg shoe box. Turns out this was a good idea because I found money still in some of the cards! $50!

Monday, February 13th - A Jason Wu for Target dress my mom happened to find for me.

Tuesday, February 14th - Valentine's flowers.

Wednesday, February 15th - A photo of Cocoa, the birthday girl! She turned 11.

Thursday, February 16th - ShoeMint "Hattie" flats. Cute!

Friday, February 17th - Addicted to playing Zumba on Wii.

Saturday, February 18th - Happy 4th birthday to my little sister!

Sunday, February 19th - I spent my day watching The Parent Trap, Harry Potter, and reading magazines on my Kindle Fire.

Monday, February 20th - My step-dad's recent purchase. A '76 Rolls Royce.


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Samantha Elisabeth said...

Love these shots! I miss my kindle fire!! Gah I lost it/had it stolen =( Also let us know how you like the Shoemint shoes! I'm always curious to see if they're worth it or not!

Grace said...

That Rolls Royce is so cool! And the cake is too cute. :)

Fatima said...

The little penguin is so cute! I keep all of my letters from when I was a child too, its in a little box that I wrapped in gift wrap to make it look pretty.
I feel like the Jason Wu line never came to my local Target. I never saw it. :/

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