Gucci Guilty Black reviews

November 23, 2015
Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme Gucci

The spirit of the irresistibly fascinating scent. GUCCI GUILTY BLACK PF is really a scrumptious and sexy scent reflecting a mischievous, smart and charming came inspiration to interpret original GUCCI GUILTY inside a bewitching floral/fruity's easy yet sexy and stylish simultaneously. nothing special but excellent scent indeed.Playfully Sensual, Absolutely Flirty, Precariously Charming and Oddly enough Irresistible.

The juicy and luscious mixture of red-colored berries, peach and raspberry brings luminous sensuality towards the scent, while intriguing woodsy patchouli notes u . s . with amber and purple helps make the base and express sensuality and magnificence as envelope the individual in warmth.this scent evoking pictures of sexy nights in fall weather.i suggest it to the lady who she would like to create a first impression.additionally a nice gift for the sweetheart.


Durability?Excellent on my small skin.


I believe I had been expecting something just a little more dark and much more mysterious than this, in line with the title and also the sleek bottle. It isn't an especially inviting scent. It's mainly fruity - however the raspberry feels a bit more sour than sweet. I'm able to faintly identify the pink pepper, however the remaining notes are lost on me. It's pretty good, however it does not result in the 'raw and compelling' statement it states.

Fake fruity along with a synthetic mess. Rbaker hit it around the mind with chemical mix. All of the fragrances mixed together, but nothing authentic. Has the aroma of just a little kid has become to your perfume collection and given itself a squirt of all things you've.

Chemical mix

On me this can be a fairly linear raspberry-peach scent of distincly synthetic qualities. A little of patchouli isn't bad, and also the base within an undeciphrable sweetish mix. Two hrs of durability on my small skin.

Synthetic fruity purple

A powdery purple dim by raspberries by an average amber-patchouli combo. Lip gloss type, slightly prickly and extremely fruity. The red-colored fruits "colour" the dominant purple which isn't whatsoever botanic, natural or typically floral (being an regular dominant natural purple leaves blend) but juicy inside a fruity way. An excessive amount of synthetic, finally gummy and effectively unexciting and desolating. Go by.

Gucci Guilty Black- Masthead and Brand Channel
Gucci Guilty Black- Masthead and Brand Channel
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