Gucci Guilty for Men Review

September 15, 2015
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While you are all aware we have been managing a Daily Gucci Giveaway from the new Gucci Guilty Pour Homme all week lengthy. And That I figured before we giveaway the following two bottles, we'd provide you with more particulars concerning the film and also the process behind it. So this time around you can view the recording with the many associated notes concerning the concept, director, actor, etc. I usually love whenever a brand requires a campaign one stage further, so its awesome to sorta enter into their heads and discover the procedure for allowing the Gucci Guilty campaign.

Last fall, home of Gucci introduced Gucci Guilty on her, a scent to have an iconoclast who lives existence at full throttle – potent, spirited, unrepentant. The Gucci Guilty heroine is really a twenty-first century beauty who holds all in her own thrall, her scent an audacious contemporary creation.

Now we meet her partner-in-crime…

The Idea

Gucci takes like a catalyst its legendary entwined Gs and leads us quite the hero who sees this emblem being an incitement to impress, challenging convention. With this most contemporary of mavericks, Gucci signifies a effective mixture of excitement, allure and sensuality. In Gucci Guilty for Him, the most recent scent created by Creative Director Frida Giannini, this guy intuitively recognizes a powerful representation of themself within the scent.


Youthful, courageous, with impeccable taste, the individual of Gucci Guilty for Him is really a hero for the age – exuding charisma and most just a little harmful. His existence might be under his control, but he will not exert any restraint over his passions. The spirit of hedonism this sets loose is intoxicating. His energy resides in understanding that energy is a game title, and that he is able to play farmville fully as he meets his female match.

The Gucci Guilty hero takes pleasure in declining to feel guilty about who he's. His amazing self-confidence enables him to constantly explore new encounters. His unshakable feeling of self-identity wields an irresistible pressure. They know what he wants, and that he goes after it with single-minded determination and compulsive charm. It's exhilarating to yield towards the impulses of the guy with your exceptional magnetism.

Frida Giannini observes: “Everyone is deeply in love with the Gucci Guilty guy. He's a danger-taker, an excitement-seeker, yet he always remains responsive to a woman’s desires. He brings together these desires. Males yearn to become him, women to become his.”


The ensemble that Frida Giannini has introduced together to inform the storyline of Gucci Guilty continues to be produced with an irresistible attract an era of contemporary teenagers a collaboration by which edge and creativeness are combined within an unparalleled way.

“I understood we wanted something with this project, something absolutely unique, ” confirms Giannini. "The appearance, the seem, the cast – I'm incredibly excited in what we've accomplished.”

The advertisement was shot at Cinecittà Galleries, the legendary is know for Italian cinema. Its director was film-noir graphic artist and Las Vegas creator Frank Burns, whose inimitable caricature aesthetic will galvanize youthful audiences.

In Giannini and Miller’s vision, a rugged urban cowboy roars in to the metropolis on the blazing motorcycle. His tires screech to some halt, and our stranger removes his helmet to show our hero. His bracelet triggers his memories…Still in the leathers he strides right into a bar and catches a beguiling scent: a lady, a defiant beauty, his match. Their eyes lock, and knowning that look starts the storyline of the evening of rapture. Each morning, he'll be gone. He's a digital rebel, the freest of spirits: harmful, impassioned, a guy who is constantly shape her desires.

Hollywood leading guy Chris Evans smolders becoming the Gucci Guilty hero. “Chris was a complete thought, ” remarks Giannini. “His looks are hypnotic, and that he has this kind of incredibly effective presence while watching camera. Inside a couple of brief moments, he produces an memorable character.”

Evan’s enchanting co-star is Evan Rachel Wood, among the foremost talents of her generation. Giannini is filled with admiration: “Evan Rachel Wood is really a gifted and delightful actress. I've always respected her confidence and skill to change herself.”

The chemistry between these gamers is palpable. Their story originates towards the strains of Depeche Mode’s “Strange Love”, given a haunting new rendition for that Gucci Guilty for Him scent by acclaimed British music performer Natasha Khan, charge singer of Softball bat for Lashes.

Famous fashion photography enthusiasts Mert &lifier Marcus have the effect of paper advertising – unapologetically sensual images which will etch on their own the consciousnesses of the generation.

The Gucci Guilty marketing campaign, both television and print, was art directed by Riccardo Ruini, Creative Director at REM (Ruini e Mariotti), that has worked with with Frida Giannini on Gucci’s fashion and scent campaigns since 2007, such as the 2009 Cannes Lion award-winning campaign for that scent Flora by Gucci.

The groundbreaking campaign holds innovative, youth-focused media and technologies. Like Gucci Guilty on her, Gucci Guilty for Him continues to be made to "go viral."

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