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August 24, 2014
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azmarie-livingston-americas-next-top-model.jpgOn “America’s Next Top Model, ” Azmarie Livingston was removed after her refusal to don at the receiving end pad in Tyra’s booty tooch teaching seminar. She informs Zap2it that they understood it had been coming and she or he doesn’t regret her decision.
Had you been surprised you had been the main one to visit?

“No. I understood the moment I told Tyra no, I wasn’t gonna put on at the receiving end pad, which i was gonna get told to go home, particularly when she stated you cannot have fun playing the booty tooch session.”

The show is fairly infamous for putting the models through some type of absurd stuff. Have you expect that moving in?

“I was conscious of it. Moving in, I understood if there is anything I wasn’t confident with doing, I'd the authority to state that I did not wish to accomplish it, despite the fact that it might endanger me being part of it. Which was the problem I wound up in … I wasn’t getting removed in my body of labor.Inches

Just what concerning the butt pad was off-putting for you? Or maybe it was the booty tooch exercise generally?

“It wasn’t the tooching generally, it had been only the pad. I do not know. I did not feel at ease. I believe, I’m like, ‘I don’t mind tooching, I tooched yesterday within the syrup shoot.’ However when she was as if you gotta put on the information, I do not know, all things in me just type of shied up and that i backed away. I had been like, no, I am not gonna do that.Inches

Would you regret your choice?

“No. No, I do not. It had been something I supported not doing. I wasn’t comfortable. Anything else was acceptable for me, I simply felt like at that time — I do not understand what it has related to modeling, so far as utilizing a pad, less understanding the positioning … I Then got proven inside a whole other light ’cause I stated no … I’m glad they demonstrated me apologizing to Tyra, ’cause it had nothing related to me attempting to make her look bad, or say anything towards Tyra or even the chance she was giving me.”

What’s next for you personally?

“Since the show wrapped, I’ve type of been low key. Now I’ve had lots of offers are available in, scripts for TV as well as for film, so far as the background music aspect, I’ve met some really awesome producers that I’ve had the chance to experience them some stuff.

I intend to continue modeling. I am not symbolized by anybody right now, however i do intend on returning out an seeking representation in order to continue continuing to move forward with my career.”

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