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June 8, 2023
The Stylish Joggers You Need

With a brand new year comes new trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle - therefore it is by helping cover their that old as well as in using the new. Jane Buckingham from Trendera is here now to assist “Good Morning America” get in front of the curve using the most popular new trends for 2016.


2015: Ombre Hair There is Ombre and Sombre and each color around the tips in our tresses. Stars from Jessica Alba to Jessica Biel to Christy Tiegen all looked gorgeous within their multi-hued looks.

2016: Glitter Roots But when dealing with the salon regularly is hard for you personally, this is an excellent trend to test. Just grab some glitter and a few gel and return to your roots! This makes anybody sparkle but provides a temporary fun change of hair looks.

2015: The Bold Brow Should you have had over-plucked and were walking the skinny eyebrow line, then 2015 wasn't for you personally as beauty trends were by pointing out full brow. But take it easy. We’re moving beyond that trend now.

2016: The Large Lip From crazy lip colors to lip tats to Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, 2016 is going to be about your pucker, pout along with a vibrant bold lip.

2015: The Midi Ring The days are gone of placing a simple ring onto it. 2015 was about putting on multiple rings on top of your finger, in the center of the knuckle, and underneath the knuckle.

2016: The Palm Bracelet Similar to the ring got moved, the bracelet is no more satisfied sitting daintily around the wrist. Rather, anticipate finding them in the center of the palm, making the hands clothed and embellished.

2015: The Eliminate Dress It appeared the a smaller amount of the gown you used, the trendier it had been in 2015! From side cut-outs to back cut-outs, 2015 demonstrated that less was sometimes more.

2016: The X Line Neck For 2016, X will mark the place popular – in your neck that's! Search for plenty of X cleavage lines to dominate women's put on.

2015: Platforms All of us wanted to obtain a little taller and produce out our inner seventies child, and what’s much better than three-inch platforms that will help you get it done.

2016: Flatforms But ouch! Following a year of hanging out in platforms, we thank Rihanna’s trendy Puma Creeper footwear to make the flatform the must-have item and also the most popular shoe trend for 2016, with all the height and no incline.

2015: The Small Crossbody The ever-present small-crossbody bag am cute and trendy but exactly how you could carry greater than a switch phone along with a $20 bill inside it was anybody’s guess. And often, a girl’s got to hold her laptop.

2016: The Statement Bag Forget putting on your heart in your sleeve or perhaps your sights in your t-shirt. 2016 brings your clever personality and feelings for your handbag. From bags formed like Fried potatoes to poodles, to popcorn to Paris, handbags will literally lighten.

2015: Color - Marsala As I deeply love marsala, I favor it in chicken instead of colors. But who are able to argue with Pantone’s 2015 color of the season, if this was this type of robust and earthy wine red-colored?

2016: Color - Rose Quarta movement and Tranquility The more powerful the much more bold shades of 2015 can give method to cooler colors since Pantone has selected rose quarta movement and tranquility (a far more tranquil blue) his or her colors of the season. Possibly many of us are searching for some calm and tranquility within our lives?


2015: The Guy Bun Women weren’t the only real ones rocking the ballet trend. Stars like Kaira Pitt, Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio were sporting the guy bun everywhere.

2016: The Guy Braid Appears the males wish to change things up if this involves their head of hair styles. Jared Leto, David Beckham and Derek Hough have been turning their buns into braids quicker than you are able to say Pippi Longstocking.

2015: The Statement Hat There have been bucket hats, baseball hats, beanies and much more in 2015. Males were utilizing their hats to tip you off and away to their style.

2016: The Statement Sock From a set of Thieves to Happy Socks®, males would like to obtain a little wacky if this involves what they've under their pants. Socks are a bit more subtle than hats and allow them to go to town.

2015: The Straight Leg Males happen to be searching quite clean decline in their straight legged look but that is all going to change.

2016: The Baggy Leg Men’s pants are becoming greater-wasted, looser cut and (my dear) from time to time even flared, as males follow women into the 70s.


2015: Asking Your Smartphone for Something In 2015 it had been difficult to know whether someone was speaking on their own phone in order to their phone. In the end, our products look up, schedule, help remind and virtually manage our whole lives.

2016: Getting Your Smartphone Make A Move Increasingly more in our applications will have the ability to do things from your phones. MATCHCo allows you personalize a cosmetic foundation simply by tapping your oral cavity. The Breathometer can help identify amounts of drinking or will explain for those who have foul breath. Our phones are becoming wiser and wiser.

2015: Visiting your Classes 2015 saw a surge in classes- cardio barre, cardio boxing, classes in coding, classes in crafting. I was cuckoo for classes.

2016: Classes Streamed to your house In 2016 you won't be required to leave your house to accept best classes. Increasingly more, you could have classes streamed live for you. Online fitness classes like spin, meditation and yoga, you’ll don't have any excuse not to obtain your sweat on.

2015: Staycations or Mix-Country Wandering 2015 involved cozying up both at home and a weight mix-country journey. But after a lot of “are we there yet”’s, even these holidays could possibly get just a little tedious.

2016: Holidays Having a Purpose Forget traveling simply to travel. Whether cleansing from tech, likely to retreats where you need to submit your device or holidays in which you also conduct public service, there is a concentrate on wellness and doing something great for yourself and great for the planet. Holidays will no more actually cover just involving.

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