America Next Top Model Season 15 Winner

January 4, 2016
Americas Next Top Model Season

Ann Ward's Cover Girl ad.America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15 was probably the most challenging, elite competitions the show has witnessed up to now. Cycle 15 also had the best awards: A variety in Italian Style, the coverage of Beauty in Style, as well as the traditional awards of the Cover Girl contract and representation by IMG Model Management.

Ann Ward, the 6’2” beauty who towered above her fellow participants and battled with self-esteem issues because of many years of tease from her peers, required the “America’s Next Top Model” grand prize. She beat runner-up Chelsey, and yet another two “final four” ladies Kayla and Jane, to get the Cycle 15 victor. Throughout ANTM Cycle 15, the idol judges said that Ann appeared to possess a “super power” fueling her. The very first time in ANTM history, Ann won five consecutive “best photo” pictures—though she ongoing to struggle the whole time with displaying personality and combating her clumsiness.

Chelsey arrived to the competition most abundant in working experience in modeling of the 14 women “Chelsey’s effort and determination began to repay as she won challenge after challenge after challenge, ” said Tyra throughout the intro. “Can Ann get together for canopy Girl?” she asked, which previous episodes indicated could be Ann’s greatest challenge—a performance selling her unique personality.

The “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15 finale started with Chelsey and Ann reflecting around the challenges they faced throughout 2010 competition. “I have thought about being an excellent model since i have was three years old, ” Chelsey expressed, showing two decades of working towards her goal. She shed a couple of tears searching back in the road she walked to get at ANTM, while Ann confessed that they i never thought she’d allow it to be in to the final 14 participants to start with she expressed how pleased she ended up being to come onto ANTM and also have something unique—namely, her height—which makes her beautiful.

The following day, the women traveled out into the center of nowhere to aim for Italian Style. Vincent Peters was the digital photographer during the day, probably the most influential photography enthusiasts employed by Italian Style and sweetness in Style. The theme would be a very natural, rustic setting Ann posed well within the configurations, from relaxing in the tall grass to waiting in a stream. “Ann is certainly a lot more like a way model … very top end, ” said Peters. Chelsey strove to face-by helping cover their Peters “she’s got something which your camera likes, ” he recognized. “Chelsey is excellent.Inches

Ann Ward.The following challenge for that “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15 finale was the infamous Cover Girl commercial. The happy couple showed up back in the ANTM the place to find find no lines or prep material, quite the contrast to previous Cycles in which the women battled to commit to memory their scripts before coming on set. Mr. Jay met them around the attractive shores of the lakeside town, and informed them that it might be the setting for their commercial and also the print advertisements. He shocked both Ann and Chelsey as he said excitedly there'd be no lines to commit to memory, which they'd do voice-over blood pressure measurements after acting-the moments available. “I’m expecting a great deal from the two of you, ” he cautioned, then sent the women off and away to make-up.

Ann and Chelsey pretended to become buddies travelling in Italia “I seem like we have some natural-born stars for something new, ” Jay said, moving them along to another scene from the commercial. He recognized Ann on her authentic responses. “They really impressed me, ” Jay elaborated, “I am surprised at how Ann found a method to vibe from Chelsey.” Prior to the final segment, Jay surprised the women by getting their parents walk to the set to greet the ANTM top two. Chelsey’s parents, plus Ann’s folks and her little brother, reached watch the ultimate stages from the Cover Girl segment from the Cycle 15 finale. Additionally, the household people were permitted to go to the ultimate runway challenge—the very first time for women their parents saw them live, for action.

Ann battled using the voice-over in the beginning, and Jay shared with her just to walk together with her hands and extremely allow her to personality shine Chelsey was informed that they was “rushing it, ” and Jay didn’t believe her performance. In the Cover Girl shoot, the digital photographer recognized Chelsey for the way easy she appeared to consider to everything, and just how commercial she was. He found Ann to work best with an editorial, but a little more difficult having a “beauty shot.”

Ann on the Cycle 15 finale runway.Prior to the final runway competition, the women met with Ivan Bart, the senior Very important personel of IMG Models. He requested both women what built them into want this career, and Chelsey described that they wanted it her entire existence coupled with been employed in New You are able to at 18. They went over her portfolio, and Bart stated he often see them dealing with her. Ann, as always, battled to exhibit her personality but she handled to thrill Bart together with her look and her solutions to his questions. “I think I’d like to utilize her personality, ” he made the decision after speaking with Ann, but in the finish from the meet-and-greet he stated his decision wasn’t yet made.

“I seem like I'm ‘America’s Next Top Model, ’” described Chelsey enroute towards the group of the runway show, were they'd be walking for Roberto Cavalli—one of the very most influential designers on the planet, not to mention in Italia. They cut back Liz, Chris, Jane and Kayla to participate Ann and Chelsey within the fashion show, plus Cycle 14 champion Krista. He said excitedly they'd be walking with established Italian models, and backstage rapidly converted into the routine madhouse. Tyra wanted the women best of luck, and Krista cautioned these to breathe deeply and merely go.

Throughout the performance, Ann went first between your set of final participants. She battled with looking straight ahead just like a deer in car headlights, whereas Chelsey appeared a little lost and reluctant in the finish from the catwalk throughout the pivotal turn-around moment. The 2nd break went better for women, and Chelsey stated she couldn’t “imagine not winning.” Going to the ultimate panel, both women felt confident and happy with their performances. Both Mr. Jay and Robert Cavalli became a member of the panel as guest idol judges for that “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15 finale.

When looking at their film in the show, Nigel critiqued Chelsey for walking a little fast and stiff, and Andre̕ stated she'd no snap, crackle or pop. Ann was told she'd enhanced, however that her face was too focused, just a little “too zombie.” Andre̕ stated he'd offer her a b -+ on her first professional runway show. The panel then seen the finished commercial, and Andre̕ stated he was engaged by each of them. Jay relayed he was impressed with the way they given off one another's energy, and Nigel appreciated Chelsey’s constant smile. Tyra informed these to remember these were selling make-up and today another props available.

Nigel loved the main focus in Chelsey’s print ad photo, and Tyra also approved—but Cavalli could not agree. “We don’t appreciate a lot the merchandise.Inches Andre̕ agreed, saying he would need to request exactly what the product was. However, Cavalli stated he loved Ann’s print ad photo, saying he'd utilize it. Andre̕ agreed, but both Jay and Tyra informed her that her film was weak and “clinched-up” with this photo shoot. The deliberations were brutal, but ultimately Tyra stated the winning girl had won a prize that each model on the planet wants—bad. Chelsey required this news of Ann’s win poorly, they can be expected, but Ann cried and gushed when she was finally named the champion of “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15. View more pictures from Ann’s winning portfolio here, along with a online video of her winning moment.

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