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March 31, 2020
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America's Next Top Model: Nyle DiMarco Wins Cycle 22Nyle DiMarco

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Tyra Banks has introduced who's "on the top" for that final time.

Spoiler warning: There are seen the cycle 22 finale of America's Next Top Model, the outcomes is going to be revealed ahead. For individuals who've seen the episode, continue reading for Individuals exclusive first interview using the champion.

History had recently been made when Nyle DiMarco was selected as ANTM's first Hard of hearing contestant. The 26-year-old has been doing it again by becoming the modeling competition's first Hard of hearing champion – and it is final Top Model ever.

DiMarco informs PEOPLE: "As being a Hard of hearing person on the tv program alone is fairly groundbreaking, therefore it felt incredible just to be the show – but to win it had been amazing!"

Together with his piercing blue eyes and sculpted abs, DiMarco carried out consistently well through the photo shoots, which in fact had him appearing with live creatures, like a toy and at nighttime.

"My proudest moment will be the picture of me using the husky, " he states. "It had been essentially the very first time I had been dressed for any shoot, and that i won the very best photo. That photo demonstrated that there's more in my experience than simply my body system – there's my capability to blend into clothes, my modeling abilities and my ad-worthiness."

Nyle DiMarco Wins of America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 America's Next Top Model, People Picks, StyleWatch, TV News, Tyra BanksNyle DiMarco

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An outside photo shoot in pitch-black darkness demonstrated to become extra hard for DiMarco.

"I am Hard of hearing, but shooting at nighttime also helped me blind!" he states. "I have never been so frustrated within my existence since i understood which i could get it done.Inch

While DiMarco usually excelled while watching camera, he found the occasions as he wasn't modeling is the most difficult.

"Your competition, and particularly coping with the models in the home, was unquestionably an enjoyable experience, however it seemed to be pretty tough, " he states. "The lack of ability to make use of my language, American Sign Language, and the possible lack of communication, information access and also the general connection around the world was difficult."

"It genuinely did have a toll on me psychologically, " he continues. "I even cringe now after i watch myself on ANTM being alone.Inch

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Regardless of the isolation he frequently needed to cope with, DiMarco desired to remain on the program to represent Hard of hearing individuals an optimistic light.

"I needed to benefit from the woking platform, not just to prove that I am the very best but additionally to teach and prove around the world what Hard of hearing people can handle, " he states. "And So I stored a grin on my small face coupled with positive ideas."

That positivity brought him completely towards the final runway show to manage off from the top girl model, Mamé Adjei.

"I recall at the outset of ANTM, I immediately recognized Mamé as my greatest competition, " he states. "It's funny how my first instinct was right in the end."

Eddy Chen / The CW

DiMarco hopes his success on the program is definitely an inspiration with other individuals the Hard of hearing community.

"Hopefully my win inspires the Hard of hearing community to begin going after their preferred careers, " he states. "You will find a lot of gifted Hard of hearing people who the planet needs and can usually benefit from.Inch

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