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January 1, 2020
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The slicked back undercut hairstyle for menLike a hairstylist who is an expert in men’s hair, I recieve lots of questions from male clients on do you know the best men’s hair styles they are able to try. So, in the following paragraphs, I must provide you with my estimation around the three hair styles for males that you simply surely be thinking about in 2014 in order to look great and no matter haired!

Take note that this can be a publish led by hairstylist Janice from Curls &lifier Locks Salon.

Undercut with slicked back hair

The undercut is really a haircut that many people would recognize from Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire.A military marine with a trendy high and tight haircut This haircut continues to be trending for more than a year now, what helps make the undercut special in 2014 is slicking back your hair on top instead of the messier top which was trendy in 2013. A clever back on top of an undercut, or, once we hair stylists refer to it as, a slicked back undercut, is a superb hair do that's super easy to do (because you just clever your hair back with pomade along with a comb) and it is additionally a great hair do that people hair stylists can reduce easily. Just due to how popular it's, I've lost count of the numerous undercuts I've provided to my clients within the last month alone!

High and tight haircut

Our prime and tight haircut is really a military haircut that's as convenient and sharp like a men’s haircut may possibly get. Our prime and tight is really much like the undercut, that, within the high and tight, you'll have a short haircut and therefore your hair shorter on top of the mind. Obtaining a high and tight inside a beauty salon or barbershop is extremely simple and easy , I'm able to clip a higher and tight in under 10 mins since all we hair stylists need is a great hair clipper to chop your hair inside a high and tight!

Lengthy hair

Lengthy locks are no more considered a hair do only for heavy metal and rock fans and old hippie dudes! Celebs like Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix have completely re-written the look of lengthy hair in Hollywood, and that i get lots of clients at our salon asking how you can boost their hair lengthy! I recommend you to test out growing hair lengthy because the experience itself can help you to understand your mane better. Just consider that hair develops about 50 % one inch monthly which you ought to be telling your hairstylist of the “long hair” goal to ensure that after that you can obtain the best customized suggestions about growing individuals locks you have!

There, go to your favorite hairstylist and enhance your thing and among the 3 men’s hair styles above you're certain to stick out no matter the occasion!

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