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January 22, 2016

It's worth mentioning that winning the Tyra Banks-located competition, which opened in 2003, never was a prerequisite for showbiz success. "ANTM" faves Elyse Sewell (Cycle 1), Toccara Johnson (Cycle 3) and Fatima Siad (Cycle 10) were among many participants to boost their modeling careers without winning their seasons. Others โ€” including YaYa DaCosta (Cycle 3), Cassandra Whitehead and Kim Stolz (Cycle 5), and Analeigh Tipton (Cycle 11) โ€” switched their reality-TV looks into acting roles, hosting gigs along with other entertainment possibilities.

However, individuals who won your competition might have had an natural advantage. (Or otherwise!) Here's a glance at seven notable those who win, indexed by chronological order of the winning seasons.

1. Adrianne Curry

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Then: Curry elevated the bar when she won Cycle 1, whose finale broadcast This summer 15, 2003.

Now: After parlaying that victory into looks on VH1's "The Surreal Existence, " along with a spinoff reality show, "My Fair Brady, " Curry has worked with with everybody from comic-book icon Stan Lee to The new sony like a judge because of its reality competition, "The Tester."

2. Yoanna House

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Then: House won Cycle 2, whose finale broadcast March 23, 2004.

Now: Additionally to modeling, House has channeled her inner Tyra for hosting Oxygen's "Pretty Wicked" and MTV's "Damaged" and act upon multiple TV dramas.

3. Avoi Marcille

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Then: Marcille, then referred to as Avoi Pigford, won Cycle 3, whose finale broadcast 12 ,. 15, 2004.

Now: The model-actress continuously continues to be "smizing" for fashion brands (DKNY) and television shows ("The Youthful and also the Restless") alike.

4. CariDee British

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Then: British won Cycle 7, whose finale broadcast 12 ,. 6, 2006.

Now: Additionally to being employed as one, singer and actress, British is definitely an advocate and speaker for that National Skin psoriasis Foundation.

5. Whitney Thompson

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Then: After Toccara Johnson led the way for "plus-size" models like a contestant in Cycle 3, Thompson grew to become the very first such model to win "ANTM, " doing this in Cycle 10, whose finale broadcast on May 14, 2008.

Now: Thompson finds steady work modeling for brands varying from CoverGirl to J.C. Penney released a dating website, "The Large and also the Beautiful" and works as a speaker for that National Eating Disorders Association.

6. Lisa D'Amato

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Then: After finishing sixth in Cycle 5 (airing in 2005), D'Amato made an appearance on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" to beat struggles with addictive substances โ€” then won "ANTM" Cycle 17's all-star edition, whose finale broadcast 12 ,. 7, 2011.

Now: D'Amato continues to be modeling for brand shoots and runway shows while going after a music career.

7. Keith Carlos

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Then: The previous football player was the very first guy to win "ANTM, " doing this in Cycle 21, whose finale broadcast 12 ,. 5, 2014.

Now: Granted, it has been under annually since Carlos won your competition, but based on an March. 8 Facebook publish, he lately reserved his first national commercial and motion-picture gigs. Acknowledging frustration using the industry, he added, "with perseverance, persistence, and God you're easy!"

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